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Florian Wiegand

Owner of Clarisys Audio Switzerland

Covid-19 Update

Dear Customers and Clients, our partners and friends in Vietnam have been hit quite hard due to the Covid crisis. Before placing an order, please contact us for stock items and delivery time. We expect to reopen production by the end of the month, to fullfil backorders. 

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Music and Technology makes my heart and brain sing. The love for panel speakers startet early in my life, as well as the need to understand their function in an acoustic environment. I am married man with residence in Switzerland who is passionate about music as well as the needed technology to make it come alive. Let me help you make your HiFi dreams come true, on almost any budget. 

I offer basic electronic repair services as well as restoration work on some true High End Icons of the past 20 years such as Apogee Acoustics speakers, Goldmund Reference Turntable, Goldmund Mimesis 36 CD Turntable or EPROM Copy Services.


The source for replacement parts for Apogee Acoustics (1981 - 1999)

Who are we and why did we start this business...

Apogee Acoustics was a company founded and operated in Massachusetts, USA from 1981 to 1999. They designed and built the first "true ribbon" speakers and changed our expectations of what a loudspeaker is capable of. Many music lovers, and lovers of Apogee Acoustics speakers would like to keep on using their speakers. As time goes by, many models appear on the second hand market, at an affordable price. 

We wish to provide an entry point for these type of speakers to all HiFi enthusiasts by offering affordable parts and services to restore those classic speakers. We believe in "free choices" and a none-mystic approach to the experience. That is why we offer all parts for DIY, because after all, when you purchase a part from us, the property is yours! 

You can also buy video chat support from us, to guide you through the installation. If you are unwilling to take the risk, we also offer a restoration service in-house. For the more "wealthy" client, we also offer worldwide on-site installation for ribbon drivers. 

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My interest in Apogees started a couple of years back, and I was lucky enough to buy a broken pair of Divas. With the help of Clarisys Audio and Florian Wiegand, from Clyrisys Audio Switzerland, I now enjoy my Apogees in a like new condition. I can't wait until they get replacement parts for the Studio Grand as well.

Yves C.
Customer from Switzerland

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Our company headquarters are located in Singapore and Vietnam with a distribution branch in Switzerland. 


Winkelstrasse 345 in 4234 Zullwil

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