Concert in your living room

General Guide

Room placement and treatment are always the most difficult to prescribe. This is because every situation is unique. We will offer a few guidelines to get things started, and recommend experimentation and contact with Clarisys Audio Global. Give the speakers room to breathe. Set the speakers at least four feet from the rear wall. The speakers should be placed at least five feet apart from inside to inside. Leave at least one foot from each outside wall to the outside of each speaker. Do not apply too much absorbing materials to the room. Contrary to many loudspeaker installations, Clarisys speakers operate the best in a semi-live acoustic space. The area behind and around the Clarisys Audio speakers should not be treated with "acoustic absorbing materials". The ideal area is plaster, stone, etc. Generally a hard but strong surface is best. Un-supported glass is not a good situation. The glass panels are easily set into motion and will re-radiate the sound. If the installation requires setup near glass, experiment with window coverings to determine the best performance. The area behind your listening position may be treated without too much influence on sound quality. Always be sure the room has some absorbtion qualities to control reverbation and echo. The adequate amount is typically supplied by room furnishings, carpeting, window treatments, etc. Consult your audio installer or the factory if any problems or questions arise.