My interest in Apogees started a couple of years back, and I was lucky enough to buy a broken pair of Divas. With the help of Clarisys Audio and Florian Wiegand, from Clarisys Audio Switzerland, I now enjoy my Apogees in a like new condition. I can't wait until they get replacement parts for the Studio Grand as well.

Yves C.
Audiophile from Switzerland

Le médium-aigu est de toute beauté, la scène sonore est quasi holographique et les interprétations "Live" sont tout simplement sublimissimes.Quand au grave, les détracteurs qui disent que les panneaux ne délivrent pas ce registre, je ne peux que les convier à les auditionnés.

English Translation: The mid-high is absolutely beautiful, the soundstage is almost holographic and the "Live" interpretations are simply sublime.As for the bass, the detractors who say that the panels do not deliver the low registers, I can only invite them to audition them.

Frederic O.
High End Audio Consultant

"The Opera has marvellously settled in. After 5 days of burning in it is now magical...The best speaker I have ever owned. You will be amazed how it sounds with the Evo 600’s."

Olivier R.

"I received the ribbons today. Thanks so much. Now I will get prepared slowly not to screw up." 

Reply: We trust in you and are here if you need help!

Peter L.

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